How Brain Work?

Brain Exercise need more time, its urgent to do that, because brain is always freez and can’t thinking or remember best provided isn’t be used. All the world problems is complicated and need a tool, where sensitivity and effectivity is number one as a requirement. The threaten of the looking for job, its simple example, job provided, isn’t want to deliver some job to anyone if the anyone not be able fulfill criteria soft and hard skill that manufacture eligible. So which one do u want to do for maximality to trigger brain capacity?

Basically brain always process all the times, but it just a few part of the brain of activated, not all the part of brain. Some of exercise can maximality the other part is. Many instructor will suggest u for make sure that all of your sense is on going balance. Like right and left hand, ear, eye, leg, finger, shoulder act. Cause its connected and overcome neuron to go into the central of thinking/rationality, we can said that is brain.

The advance exercise you can use the brain had exercised to specific skill, like what your passion do you like. Wherever the humaniora, social, technician, medicine, health ect. Deserve to remember is don’t ever once to stop your brain although one second.

Doesn’t the God say, “By the time, Indeed mankind is in loss, except fort those who believe and done righteous deeds and advised each other to trust and advised each other to patience


by Umaee


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