Green Design to My hometown

Make a product to enforce the society, maybe has to adopt the GMU programs. GMU had establish more strategical unit to combat globalisation and empowering local potention, two of the strategical unit is a traditional market and unit union Koperasi.

It’s all the answer, much threaten in hometown to developing be a city of wealfare and equal with other leading city in scope of Indonesia must be solve.

Threaten can be from internal and external aspect, all of aspect is spreated in four sector of society. These is government, privat, public, and education. Each of the sector in the fact of have much a problem in itselves.

Underlining of problems are each people that involved is selfish, wish the winner be its own, not a collective own. Political aspec is leaded, mainly is black politic game, perseption is still on statisfaction in this situation, the situation every society order in normal life e.g work as a employee on office of state is the only one occupation that prestigious.

The other If there is the progressif idea for proving city, it will be ignored, and the persons who proposed is discriminated on the society.

So, the early question that we have proposed is change the society paradigm. To apply its is started on ourselves and the program that succesful on society, with that everybody can see the positif impact so they do the same act.

Maybe the bussines sector is early step for the change the complectivities problems on my hometown. Is the tradiotional market and unit union Koperasi is the best choose to solve the problems? Let’s see


by Umaee


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