Feel Your Friends Feels

Making relationship with someone, always discovery some or more problems. Example you didn’t like him because he always order to do something that he didn’t like. you will be feel that he avoid to do that. that’s mean he didn’t like you. in her brain thingking, who is you that order him. you’r not her parrent or her wife or husband.

If you’re find problem like this, used your feel and brain to thingking what they feel about your statements. In my exprerience,  someone like that. Be happen in my relationship with my friends. however I feel its common, but with their eyes contact and her body language. you will be found that sign to avoid what I’m order to him.

So. don’t necessity your ego but you forget what your friends feel. Making a good communication to got win-win solution you and her. I just wanna say. Make a good relationship with eachother think the result after you are doing like that.


by Umaee