The First My Job Seeker

Begins, I obtain some Information from my friends and I try to observe them website, I decided and  interest to follow the vacancy. The vacancy about lecture that wanna teach in Setia Budi University. Myabe my resume that I sended being to late, because the ultimate date is 29 Oct, and I just had sended 2 days later, exactly Monday 1 Nov, Perharp Because of that I stated failuer to Join with others Job Seeker. I didn’t worry about that, I thoungt that it just tried that I didn’t seriously to inside it.

When I readed the announcement, I predict is come true that I being stated failuer to enter that University. Several day later, I instead got a telephone from SBU. The said : You will be accepted If you come to SBU with testimonial that I being studied in University. Ultimate, With the testimonial I am going to USB with feeling hope and worry.

I just had arrived in SBU, that’s the first time I went to SBU and general is Solo city,  I faced two test that I must faced. The First is Psikology test and the second is in deep Interview. Psikology test is consist of 3 part that I must be solved; logical number & story, pauli line and drawing. Logical number and story is just simple count and often happend in our reality. The pauli line is the group of many number that arrage tidy in line. The last is drawing that we must solve with complate and be shape and we must give it name. While Interview test is consist of group of quitionare in which quitionare about our live and our daily activity.

After that, I just waiting the announcement. The commite said: will be announce righ away by phone, after they count result our test. In the evening when I went back in may cottage, I be called by them, and they said; I stated failuer to enter the SBU, and I thoungt maybe my answer as a answer from their quisionare didn’t appropriate that they wanna. Maybe they didn’t like a adventure like me, because in this island I leave in Jogja, and cost. The other is I being finished my last task in my study, and the last is I’m east man.

Whatsoever, I’d just got lesson life that useful for me. I must be strong, and I must be get positively that event. I must be focus on my future to realize my dream become the man that useful for human with the other ways.

Thanks to my God


Must be Brief

At the time, 07.00 am, Monday 2011, Something big changed had been happening to me, Something that all of time, just could fade, become actually happen. Feel so uncertainly had revealed. I had said to someone what I feel to her. But not all that we feel and hope become true and we get it in our hand. The event too, make me so mature for faced the future, Now I most fokus to my dream, and try to make it real in my life. The Future that everybody joyfull when I with them, The Future that everybody make a good smile to anyone, The Future that my parrent proud because his son already be a man that respected eachother.

Eventually, I wanna say, Thanks to someone that wanna listening to me, and opened my mind to realize to see the world.

My Pleasure Umaee

Kontroversi tentang Komodo itu pun Terjawab

Kontroversi pulau Komodo maju dalam pemilihan new7wonders of nature sangat marak pada 10 hari terakhir sebelum pengumuman diumumkan. Beragam serangan dan intimidasi supaya rasa nasionalisme yang sempat mucul pada awal pulau komodo masuk dalam nominasi new7wonders dipertanyaan. Seolah bersikap kritis bahwa rasa nasionalisme itu telah dipermainkan oleh panitia penyelenggara new7wonders yang ada tim pemenang yang ada di Indonesia. Continue reading