A lonely in Big City

Today, exactly one day after Idul Fitri day, After selebrate Idul Fitri far from my family in overseas. In my lonely Many thing could make me think about meaning life with myself. Idul Fitri day this day is first time I celebrate with myself without family, friends, colleague and my comrade. Everybody had gone in their hometown for celebrate Idul Fitri day with their family and comrades. With myself I lose great moment with my family but besides I will be stronger after get away from them. I feel became a men that strong and rigit to erase my lonely in this overseas.

Perharp I was lucky, because I still connected by phone with them. Compare with people that haven’t phone, they just can hope salvation their family in hometown. commonly every Idul Fitri there isn’t shop, market and stall open. also occur in this case. In this situation just get some lunch and dinner I must go away about 10 kilometres to buy something to eat for continuing my life. Maybe still being several day after 1 syawal in this town. But I will handle this with myself cause there is onebody or onething that can be to hold besides myself.

I just wanna say. Don’t even down yourself cause many secret will be revealed If you realize


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